I'm back in the country but haven't made it home yet, I'm with the 1TB's family until Sunday evening. I would like to go home now mainly so I can cast on for Arisaig so Webbo doesn't get too far ahead of me :)

I've had a lovely morning catching up on the blog news from the week having been trapped in a conference hotel with limited contact with the world. Thank you all so much for your kind compliments on Flair - I'm quite looking forward to seeing her again - she shows off her best side in the photos I think!

Some knitting was achieved this week on the Chain Rib Socks though not much progress as I had to rip back the heel flap when I mysteriously went down to 26 rather than 27 stitches and could not find where....

After four taggings (thanks Seahorse, Glenna, CraftyDramaQueen and Amanda) I'm going to give in and let you in on some random things about me. I'm going for Amanda's version with just five things as I'm lazy and won't be able to think of seven or eight vaguely interesting things without much head scratching.

1) I think that my ears are my best feature.
2) I have a pencil lead stuck in the sole of my left foot from when I stepped on it aged about 9. It was thought best to leave it and let it work its way out - it thought it was best to stay put.
3) I like circular journeys, by which I mean I don't like going to A and then straight back the way I came and I don't like to go from A to B and then have to go back towards B to get to C - I sometimes plan routes for quite a while to make sure I get to places in the right order.
4) I am surprisingly strong for a small (5ft4in), unfit person and my very fit 1TB (6ft5in) fears the day that I start going to the gym regularly. (This is in my mind as I have booked a tour of the gym near work for next week - too much hotel food this week seems to have been the tipping point!)
5) I am convinced that the word random should be spelt randomn and it was only a year ago that I found it wasn't - I checked three dictionaries.

I tag anyone who hasn't done this and would like to and Jane who is a new blogger so I'm pretty sure no-one else has nabbed her yet! She said nice things about Flair so I like her.


Sarah said…
I've got a pencil lead stuck in my thigh from about the same age! How strange...
Marianne said…
Now see, I thought you were much taller...you remind me SO much of my daughter, who is 5'11" that I just figured you were really tall also...silly me.
I love #3.
Did you call your Dad? I'll bet he was tickled to hear from you.;^)
Artis-Anne said…
Welcome home :)
I too love circular journeys but more important circular walks !!
Charity said…
I love reading everyone's random things! :0)
Seahorse said…
Nice to know a bit more about you!

I'm also freakishly strong for my height (I'm even smaller than you!). It can come in very handy, lol!
Janey said…
Thanks for the tag...I shall have a think and post later! Thanks also for mentioning me on your blog, I feel very honoured!
artyfartykat said…
I love reading other peoples random facts! And the pencil lead is SO random!! Funny how Kendra had a similar incident!
Linda said…
Oh how spooky, I have a pencil lead in my right knee ... and Kendra has one too ... I had forgotten about that!!!
Kath said…
All these pencil leads are making me cringe - yeuch! Good to read them all non-the-less!
I? said…
I consider myself tagged :)

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