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Work travels

Not the normal plum tree view from my bedroom today. My trusty suitcase and I are cooking in Italy. As in my 'English not programmed for actual summer weather-ness' is being cooked. I am not in charge of the cooking, just the air con. So it comes to pass that in my little window of free time I am sheltering from the sun rather than the rain, trying to understand Italian chat on the tv. It's about the football, the Euro final tonight against Spain, that's all I've got. Still I've found the Blogger app which actually allows me to get photos from iPad to blog and with such success as wind to my sails I'm plucking up the courage to tackle a mitten I began months ago. It is a combination of two patterns and I just stopped at the stage I had to do the workings out to switch in the second pattern. Work before a work trip always gets more manic so I only got within striking distance of the shawl and dress before it was time to go. Somewhat frustrating to only have