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Pursuits for a wet weekend

The one stitch approach has definitely helped. A half row here and a few stitches there and I managed more than one stitch every day this week. Past history suggests the best thing I could do is cast on a new super simple project but I can't even muster the enthusiasm for that. Casting around for inspiration this new online magazine Clotheshorse caught my eye. A fun concept though I haven't found the magic bullet here. Maybe I just need to heed the weather, realise it's time to put my paws up, continue the Prison Break-athon  inspired by a Netflix free trial and maybe I'll add a little hand sewing on the slowest dress to the slow knitting. My crafting speed definitely suggests I should get on board with my commitment to the slow movement .

Just knit something

I didn't think I could knit any less than as reported last week but the days since then have seen no stitches at all. Worse than that it's not been replaced by any crafty goodness. No sewing, no crochet, no baking. Sigh. I'm blaming the fact that work is so busy that it has drained all movement from my hands for the ever reducing bit of evening time I'm at home and the ole brain is equally drained. I thought I'd catch up yesterday but spent free time gardening and painting my fingernails. Not even sorting out my lovely new box. Some kind of emptiness in  the creative zone. There are no deadlines and if I don't want to knit then it's not a problem but I do . I love it so, benefit so much from the feelings it brings and I want to be wearing the prettiest of the knits on my needles - this lovely Cloud Illusions that I made some good progress on over the Easter long weekend. I've even found a great piece of technology to keep track of my charts. The JKn

Auction fever!

We went to a local auction yesterday just for fun and guess what Sarah bought? More used haberdashery items of course - a full sewing box in need of a little TLC but oh so lovely! I may also have bought some old suitcases. Old suitcases - hmm what would you want those for? Well for displaying things I've made for selling at craft fairs - of course! Yes I am actually certifiably insane. Until yesterday I'd knit - literally- 48 stitches all week. Ah well my fantasy craft life is very rich and rewarding!

Sarah says simple socks are simply super!

Repeat that tongue twister x10! You are saved from yet more photos of the the plum tree against the bluest sky of the year because I must tell you about the socks I finished a whole week ago! Sunday evening at our B&B by the sea the Mr went for a run while I sat in the setting sun and finished the toe. I can't remember the last time I finished a pair of socks, and man socks at that, so quickly. The secret? Simple socks are simply speedy. Pattern: Waffle Rib II from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch Yarn: Socks that Rock - Lightweight - Rook-y Needles: 2.25mm DPNs Started: February 26th 2012 Finished: March 25th 2012 Ravelry page After the initial false start these were a happy knit - with narrow ankles requiring just 64 stitches in the cuff (please let me remember that for next time!) it's only in the length of the foot that the beloved is troubling to make socks for. These didn't even seem long as they have been just the perfect no stress knit.