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A squock

A squock = a single sock being knit for a fellow Squammer in a special swap based on the Sock Roulette I played a fair few moons ago. The yarn is dyed by another Squammer as part of a collection reflecting the Winter Light in her part of the world . I love how knitting on this and with this makes distance diminish, Alaska feels closer. Time compresses, the memories from last October are more vivid again. I can feel the excitement of the first single sock swap and the pleasure of first experiences of a new yarn and a new technique. So much in a few loops in some yarn.

Happiness is..

.. a cosy day inside when the rain bangs on the window. Having cleared out some cobwebs and emotional baggage and feeling light and bright and making more space for more great energy. Catching up with friends in the flesh - five days of social engagements in a row must be a record for hermit-ish little me. Having more great friends around the world that technology allows me to stay in touch with. Shopping trips for quilting kit and time to play with new toys. Watching fun sewing geek things. Playing with a two year old who reminds you to just be silly ( my word for the year ) and do what feels good. Remembering that life is full of joy and by dancing along this path there is so much to be found.

Soothing sewing

Well that was the week that was. Burst pipe in the bathroom, chaos at work, yet more snot from the cold that won't give up. Sorry if that was a bit more graphic than required in a post called soothing sewing! Saturday sewing class yesterday and I was hoping for deep concentration and distraction to soothe my slightly frazzled nerve endings. Hmmm misreading of instructions on my first ever commercial pattern did not quite fit the bill. Am struggling to learn that whole new language, I remember the same difficulty with knitting patterns but it doesn't seem to get any easier being back at that clueless stage! So skirt pocket in wrong, well sewn in of course, had managed to follow the instruction to reinforce the stitching at the pocket edges to the letter and then some. Black on black, unpicking and redoing seemed to take most of the day. Anyway feeling somewhat beaten I went to bed at 7.30pm last night. That was definitely good medicine and today feeling much refreshed