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Postcards from Home

I often manage to buy postcards with the intention of sending them and then end up posting them from home having not managed to buy stamps or recognise a post box. This post is the virtual equivalent of that; I wrote it on Wednesday last week and then couldn't get the photos to upload. I thought I'd post it now as it is more interesting than the sixty billion loads of washing I've done since I got back. That and staring at my Mum's cardigan wondering whether it will be done by Christmas. All other Christmas knitting has been abandoned or delayed, but I think there is still hope for the cardi! Anyway here's San Fran: ------ I made it around most of town before the work part of this trip kicked in. Come rain or shine or fog I have toured. Two knitting shops have been visited - Imagiknit was fabulous, lovely range and George the Yarn Dog (not the staying still for a photo type of dog sadly) made the experience complete. Very little yarn was purchased! One skein of Ma

San Francisco Postcards

A sock started to grow on the flight over – the biggest achievement was winding the ball from a very unruly skein. Not something I meant to leave for the plane and I certainly will be 100% prepared for the journey back. I know that knitting isn’t more important than human bodily functions but I would have loved it if my neighbours had managed to keep their legs crossed till I made it to the end of the winding. Still untangling made for a welcome distraction from the movie No Reservations which I can’t imagine I would have bothered watching to the end under more natural circumstances. I did envy Catherine Zeta Jones’ character her gorgeous apartment though. I think they spent a lot more time on the set design than the script for this film. Today we’re hanging out waiting for heavy rain to pass over as we have a mission to The Mission planned – lots of lovely things to look at in that neighbourhood including Imagiknit :o) The hotel is as charming in real life as I had hoped. It feels