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Happy Campers

We were among many happy campers this Easter weekend. Basking in the sunshine. Postcard pretty everywhere. We had a lovely site on a farm with both more  and less traditional inhabitants.  Great companions (and van camping aficionados ). Bluebell woods made a magnificent assault on the senses. Plenty of craft time did see Short Lucky finished. (Almost) van green souvenir yarn .

School's Out

Well work is for the long Easter weekend. Yippee! I see crafts, crafts and more crafts - maybe mainly crochet. That granny square did make it and I've made a few more since.  I'm still very awkward but I'm getting better :)  We're off on a van camping trip so plenty of room for crafting supplies. I might even get my Short Lucky finished. From here anything seems possible! Happy Easter all, may the craft be with you.

Bird territory

The magpies and rooks seem to be in a pitched battle for the big Bramley apple tree that hangs over our garden from next door. It's prime nesting territory unlike the little, twisty eating apple tree at the bottom of our garden where an altogether more exotically coloured birdie seems to have uncontested rights. Knit in the same way as Claremont and chum I thought I might get the ratios refined this time around but where Claremont was a little wider than I thought I wanted, this nameless cutie is taller.  The knit on wings are an addition I like but next time around I think I'd go with them bigger and lower on the body. I accept now there definitely will be a next time, I think these faux feathered friends are the perfect answer for my leftovers bag and fun little knits for the crafting deprived.

The crafting squash out

Too much work is making Sarah a dull girl on the crafting front. This week I think I managed half a granny square and about two rounds of a sock. Not worth a photo so let's enjoy the pretty felt I bought a few weeks ago from Lupin Handmade . I got as far as cutting out some hearts back then, maybe this evening I'll put thread to felt! Sorry for my lack of blog visiting too but I'm wishing everyone a happy craft filled April, I'm going to squash the crafts back in here somehow :)