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April 12 or is that 8of12

I was excited that the 12th fell on a day I was visiting a friend as I thought I'd get lots of gorgeous photos. Turns out you can be too busy having fun for photos! So this is late and only eight but done trumps perfect :) :1:Paws that like to wake you up for play:2:LouLou and I:3:A cafe stop:4:before thrifting adventures:5:A little blue sky for company:6:Thrifty finds:7:Flowers for the gnome:8:Percy, owner of playful paws: 

Owning it

I have been spending some time this year with the material from the CFS/ME/FM clinic that I went to. (Over four years ago apparently! Gosh blog I'm glad your memory is better than mine.) Owning the fact that I am still walking towards health. I thought I'd get better after that treatment programme, I did, but only to a level that then got poured in to working more. So I pushed that stuff aside, I was angry it hadn't been a success and in denial that it hadn't been a success in almost equal measure. Then work got even more stressful and I thought I'd give it up, work part-time in a completely different world and get better (though by then I didn't have CFS/ME anymore, I was just 'burnt out' and needing time to sort out my head and home.) Just as it was dawning on me that giving up one job might not be a miracle cure and that I might actually still be poorly and I might not just get better in a miracle of perfect timingI went on retreat . I thought