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Christmas: Mission Accomplished!

I'm home again and happy as can be. So much fun has been had over the last week and a bit and the gift knits were actually done in time! (Well almost ). It seems that I took next to no photos of Christmas down in Cornwall with my family but here's a suitably Christmassy shot in a rare patch of sun - though I should point out that these are pet geese that didn't get eaten :) The last two knits on the gift schedule were both socks and were both nearly there by the time I caught the train on the 19th. I thought I had finished these Angee socks off on the way down and was very happy with that as they were for my Mum and so not the easiest thing to knit at her house. I was so excited to start these back when I first got my hands on Cookie A's book but I did not love knitting these as I never 'got' the pattern and had to check the book all the time in the most annoying way. I should have abandoned them early on but stubbornly carried on and it seems I was so keen to f

Christmas TIME

I've hit the December point known as - "if only there were more time" - I think it about a thousand times a day as I have yet another crazy idea of something to make/cook/do for Christmas. I like to think that if I could just abandon the job for December that I'd get it all done. I'd get more done for sure but it could never be 'all' as the inspiration out there ensures fresh supplies of schemes for wintery delights - like learning to crochet just to make snowflakes or building my own snow village or... well I'm sure you all get the idea and have a billion things bubbling over that you'll never quite get to. So it's prioritise like crazy, craft for sanity (and if it is as simple as wrapping some berries and mistletoe round a heart shaped wreath - jump for joy) and I try to remember that seeing the people I'm making the presents for is the most important thing of all! I don't think I'll be back here before I head down to the wilds


Malabrigo Hat? Check. Mock Cable Socks? Check. Two more Christmas presents checked off the to knit list (and two more checked off that list when I found lovely shop gifts this weekend) means the control thing might not just be an illusion this year! Pattern: Skye Rib Hat - Dreamcatcher Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted - Forest - about half a skein Needles: 4mm DPNs Started: 19 November 2009 Finished: 07 December 2009 This is my second version of this pattern, a great beanie which is super stretchy enough to fit all but the biggest noggins I would think. Thank you Dreamcatcher for a great classic pattern. The Malabrigo is so lovely for a snug hat as it so soft around your face and I'm hoping there might be enough left in the skein for a second. Pattern: Lacy Mock Cable Socks - Scarlett Knits Yarn: Regia Kaffe Fasset Design Line - Shade 4250 Needles: 2.25 mm DPNs Started: 28 August 2009 Finished: 06 December 2009 Love this pattern. Wins an award from me for a stitch pattern that lo

Santa Claus is Coming!

I'm so glad it's December - my self imposed no mention of Christmas ban is lifted! I'm so excited this year, I don't quite know why the magic is stronger some years than others, maybe it's just having enough time and energy to enjoy the fun and not feel like it's lots of work? I feel like I'm in control of the Christmas knits (we're still at the illusion stage). A few are done - like those rocking red socks - and most are on their way like this version of Dreamcatcher's Skye Rib Hat in a good Christmassy green shade of Malabrigo . I'm making this for the Secret Santa swap at work, I pulled out a colleague who has been begging for a hand knit - serendipitous! The decorations came down from the loft last night and though we can't get our tree till the weekend some things went up. Last years pompom garland was a lot more fun to make than to untangle this year, come January 6 th I must be in less of a hurry to just get the stuff down! I do l