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Yesterday I was introduced to the work of Sharon McErlane and Net of Light  by my lovely Sas , it resonated with me so powerfully and the timing! I am working with Meghan circled with women Returning to the Fire,  and it was one of the moments when you just have absolute faith that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. A moment that I could feel through every cell my connection to the Divine, my oneness with that energy. Purest magic. This morning, out there under my trees, I was thinking about how we shine our lights.... or not. Wondering how we find the beacons among the tides of sleepwalkers. Thinking that if we shy away from showing our true selves we are short changing ourselves and the world. I believe one of the gifts of navigating through darkness is that you can see the closest light to move towards. No matter how small. So here I am being that little light, writing on a blog that not even my Mum reads any more :) . It would be so easy not to post this, to just