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The month of May

Since I started this blog back in 2006 I've managed at least a post every single month and yet we're fast closing in on the end of May and I've said nothing. So quiet here and so quiet on the crafting front. I hope it is a good quiet. I'm getting a sense of resting. I've started the perfect knitting project for this quiet. A garter stitch scarf. Vertically striped which I find particularly aesthetically pleasing. At the moment it is just quietly pleasing to knit. And knit. And knit on those long rows. Simple stitches soothing my brain, ironing out the kinks rather than challenging it. This is a strangely long fallow period for me but I'm just going with it on  the whole though I had to fight it just to get here at least once this month and say Hi! I thought you'd like a pretty flower to brighten up your day if you stop by instead of a rainy window. So sunny now though I thought those April rains would swallow the whole of May. I know I'm an absent comm