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Cough splutter squeak

I seem to have lost my blogging voice. I'll tell you about this little sock I'm working on and see whether that helps me back here and gets me in the swing of reading and commenting with you all. Something about moving lovely Bingo off the first post may be useful - thank you dearies for your kind comments, we're still missing her madly but life careers on. So my sock. I just turned the heel this morning. Love that moment still . This is the Spring Forward pattern which I'm going to say is the best sock pattern in the world ever. This is attempt number two after I lost a sock in progress a few years back. The trauma of that kept me away from this gem for too long. For me it ticks the boxes of top down-ishness, clear instructions and a genius lace pattern. It seems to go faster than stocking stitch and looks so super complicated it conveys an aura of expertise and effort far beyond that required to complete it. Win!