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Trying to embrace being bad at things

I am spending more time being bad at things than is entirely comfortable for me at the moment. This is A Good Thing. I am trying to embrace learning new skills, new habits and new ways of thinking. This is not always easy but when I do manage to let go it can be fun. Especially in crafting and sometimes I even get something I am 'quite' pleased with like this little card. Mum and I had a play at papier mache this weekend and then I carried on playing with the paint. I really quite enjoyed myself. That is definitely A Good Thing :)

March - 12of12

Though it seems mere days ago that I was padding out the last 12 of 12 with endless cat photos somehow yesterday was again the 12th of the month. Here's a mosaic of my photos taken throughout the day, and of course still featuring plenty of cat! 1) My lovely orange journal is where I am starting my days at the moment 2) A grey walk to work made brighter with blossom 3) Puzzling over why some of the hawthorn is so much further out than others in this hedge 4) Walking home in the sun, here's the same blossom tree 5) And again as it's so pretty 6) My welcome home, she always reaches out when she wants food 7) Knitting away on the Little Wave cardigan 8) Sometimes with a little hindrance 9) Back from the vets, a check up after teeth extracted last week, all looking good 10) So good that he made it to the bottom of the garden, the little black speck! 11) Lindt bunny ensures a good nights sleep 12) Book on the go is The Robber Bride

Fleeting passions

This week my heart is beating faster for \\ bold brash daffodils \\  clementine cake  \\ cutting fabric hearts \\ the smell of freshly washed clothes \\  singing in a choir  \\ lunches with friends \\ magnolia trees on the cusp of blooming \\ quilts \\ Grimm  \\ stripey pink skies \\ boxes of thread rainbows \\ Geneen Roth  \\ roasted marrow \\ a new whistle in someone's purr \\ sunshine \\ coming to the end of my current journal \\ the delicate points of beech leaves in bud \\ being bad at meditating \\ busy birds


   Photos of some fleeting sunshine  from this morning as I resist posting photos of WIPs to try and show what I have been 'doing' to justify my being. Have been tangling with feelings of not doing enough the past few weeks combined with not enough energy to do more. A tricky spot to tie myself in knots in. Knots I am slowly undoing as I unlearn the need to do something or make something, leave some tangible mark to give the day meaning and not feel guilty about all that is not done. Instead of that hamster wheel of glum I am choosing breathing deep, going slow, saying thank you for all the blessings around me. Especially when there is sunshine.