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The pull

It's definitely back. And all the sweeter for not having been chased after by deadlines or should dos. The creative pull is strong again. The camera is close to hand for colours and shapes and just everyday sofa moments. The mitten and a stripey garter scarf that I'd forgotten I'd even started have kept my fingers, my mind, busy this past week. Senses stimulated the real proof has been the itch of new starty wants. New yarn bought. A new project to start just as soon as I've stopped typi...


This weekend I actually knit something for the first time since early July. I'd say it was the influence of autumn creeping in with her shorter evenings and darker days but summer is still having her say with these past two days being about the hottest of the year. Since I taught myself to knit back in 2006 I haven't gone so long without picking up the needles. It's been a busy summer for work travels, Canada followed straight on from Italy and then east and west coast US at the start of this month. My trusty mitten came along but the impetus to knit just wasn't there. Missing that magic of inspiration which drifted off sometime this spring . I've just let it drift, not sure whether to try chase it and if I did how I would ever catch it. I've read books in the quiet times and been more sociable than I have for a long time. A different summer, no doubt a good thing. Though, I've missed my creative pursuits. I've not felt part of the blog world and have