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The sideline

Yus, actual knitting, done by me with something delightful from the collection. Ooh it makes me happy looking at it. Here's a little fun for you, who can name the hat pattern I'm knitting from this start of a double folded hem on straights? Answers in the comments and in a few days I'll randomly pick a right answer and gift you the pattern to your Ravelry account (or another pattern of your choice if you have this already :o) PS - If any knitter reading this still hasn't got a Ravelry account - I encourage you to sign up - it's free and, well, marvellous.


The yarn coffers are brimming; there's been a lot come in this last week or so and for a moment or two I was feeling a little overwhelmed.  January Sock Club Yarn  My knitting time is not abundant at the moment and on the days when I don't knit a stitch all these pretty things seem over indulgent and my plans for them pie in the sky.  Fyberspates Scrumptious Chunky and 4-ply for His 'n' Hers Hats There are worse things to indulge in though and there's no sell by date on these beauties. Maybe I should  describe collecting yarn as my hobby rather than knitting, that's just a sideline! Bought from the lovely lady at Crafty Yarns near Swindon - two skeins for a super squishy cushion cover Even if I don't get all these new things knit soon perhaps they'll inspire me to get my stash storage sorted out. It was a job for the quiet days between Christmas and New Year at the end of 2009 so even with my ability to avoid anything too much like housework it&