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Snail's Pace

Slowly, slowly like a snail the knitter moves down the leg of the sock, turns the heel and moves along the foot. In an effort to big up my progress I thought I would calculate the number of stitches knit. This sock contains 9860 stitches so far. The knitting snail wonders whether this calculation was wise as now all it can think about are all the stitches still to knit! If someone told me I would knit over 20,000 stitches to make a pair of socks I might be tempted to say "Socks, why do you want to knit socks? You can get three pairs for a £1 down the market".

Time for a WIP round

I look at the WIPS on my Ravelry project page so much more than I see them in real life that I often start to think that I have only got as far as that last photo. Time then for a little tour of the WIPs, or those that can be revealed at any rate. Starting with the oldest first: Moonlight - it 's an instant sweater-in-a-bag. Just add seaming! Lady Eleanor - I hope she'll be done for this winter. Love knitting her, love the way she looks but you throw a whole ball of Silk Garden at her and she just eats it, belches discreetly and grows a teensy bit. Honeybee is still in the naughty corner. Oh the pain of ripping back. Nearly done with Rainforest leg number one. And finally introducing the new kid on the block - Iris - my sweet summer shrug knit in Rowan Calmer.

The Socks are Dead, Long Live the Socks

One pair finished, another pair started. Could there ever be a time when I'm done with knitting socks? Can't believe so when my list of sock patterns to knit expands almost daily. The Old Pattern: Regia Free Basic Sock - stocking stitch all the way Yarn: Regia Nation - Colourway 5399 Needles: 2.25mm Harmony DPNs - still my favourite needles by so far, down to four after travelling with the them and snappying one - holding out for my birthday before I get reinforcements as I'm going to have to have the full set :o) Started: 23 May 2008 Finished: 8 June 2008 Notes: So nice and soothing to knit knit knit all the way round and let the yarn make the pattern. Must remember how quickly plain socks go when I'm in need of a fast FO. Loved this yarn for spring and bounce as well as colour. It felt to me very like the Lana Grossa wool/nylon blend. I find both of these to have a lot more oomph about them than the Trekking XXL which has the same composition. The New Hoping to be a

Deep Breath...

...and it's on to the third block of Project Spectrum. If I could just find where April and May and the Earth section went then I think I'd be ready for Air. I never quite got into gear for the greens, browns and metallics though I did manage Mr's socks : I love the Air colours of grey, yellow and white. Grey is the staple colour of my wardrobe and when I cleaned it up the other day I was a little scared of the number of (bought) grey cardigans I have. I'm still to knit one myself and don't foresee one appearing in the next two months either. My plan is that grey being so close to silver I am just going to roll over the main project for Earth - the Patons Spritz Cloud Bolero . I'm actually glad I didn't get round to this as Ysolda is working on an update to the pattern to be sold called Liesl which sounds like fun as it includes variations on the original. I like to think of this as my reward for trying to knit up some of the WIPs and not starting too many


Oslo has been soaking up a lot of the sunshine that's gone missing from these parts and it has been a real pleasure to be there, basking in it, or actually more accurately hiding my fair skin in the shade these last few days. 1. The Royal Palace , 2. Dronningparken , 3. Strikkedilla , 4. My House in Frogner , 5. The Sock at Aker Brygge , 6. Vigeland Sculpture Park , 7. Fountain outside National Theatre , 8. Lilacs , 9. Oslo Fjord It's a beautiful, charming city which seems to know how to enjoy itself. We certainly found a place we could enjoy. There is a lot to go and see and though we mainly stuck to the outdoors and made the most of the sunshine, the choice of museums, galleries and shops is wonderful too. It's easy to get around mainly on foot as the centre is quite compact and it is shamefully easy to be an English speaking tourist there as everyone we met spoke impeccable English. The big news? I didn't buy any yarn because it was just too hot! I made it to a lov