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Sock in the rain

Or more accurately - sock on a sock blocker safe and dry inside while outside it's raining like it will never stop. Every drop is making me ever more glad I found that patch of sun on Friday! Let these colours chase away the grey. This is the never ending Wollmeise sock that I frogged the too small version of back in March having previously abandoned the stranded tangle. It's taken months to finish this first one (and my Mum knitted a big section when she came to stay!).  I love the yarn, I love just knitting it plain, I love the swirl of colours at this stitch count - so very different from the smallies - I think these are 72 stitches cast on v 56 and it's magic what that does to the yarn. I don't love my lack of sock knitting this year, just not feeling the socky love so strongly.  My feet don't agree! They are definitely full of affection for the hand knits cosying their toes at the moment and as this pair are promised to my Mama it's a good job there'

Honey in the sun

 In a little patch of sunshine just now I went to the bottom of the garden for the first time in what feels like weeks. While I've squashed the crafts back in I've been neglecting my garden totally this spring but nature's been busy down there. So glad the sun drew me out before my lovely honeysuckle did its thing totally without me.  Happy weekend everyone.


Image orange I am very happy with. It was under my nose though I didn't know it till I read back my post and realised I hadn't checked whether anyone sold the Jarol Heritage in an orange. I see that shop is out now but a Google search would be your friend if you need this exact orange too! How simple! Though thank you so much for the suggestions - or should I say temptations, always nice to have a browse of some other yarns though it does require quite some willpower. I'm proud I didn't just start a whole rainbow blanket in these or these . Isn't that one of the hardest things about looking for one thing - not getting sidetracked off in to something else entirely. Like say apples ! I think these are small enough to be done alongside the grannies and not squash them out. I'm proud of myself for learning half treble crochet to make this - crochet in any colour is FUN!