Honey in the sun

 In a little patch of sunshine just now I went to the bottom of the garden
for the first time in what feels like weeks.
While I've squashed the crafts back in I've been neglecting my garden totally this spring but nature's been busy down there.
So glad the sun drew me out before my lovely honeysuckle did its thing totally without me.
 Happy weekend everyone.


Unknown said…
Very pretty Honeysuckle - such a beautiful flower to look at.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
Rose Red said…
Aren't we lucky that nature does her thing without us?! I am, or else my garden would be a desert! Glad you have a patch of sun for your weekend!
Lynne said…
My grandparents (from England) used to grow honeysuckle over their laundry (which was separate to the house) - it's pretty and smells nice but, unfortunately, like many perfumed flowers (gardenia, jasmine, moraya, frangipani) it gives me a headache!

Glad to hear you are enjoying the sunshine.
Sea said…
Honeysuckle has an incredible aroma :)
Charity said…
Those are beautiful photos! I haven't seen a honeysuckle in ages... I'm going to have to go hunting for one! :)
marycatharine said…
So pretty, honeysuckle is one of my favorite climbers.

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