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I shuffle the deck and pull out a word card most days. This Trust one seems to spin round fairly often, perhaps I notice it more  because I feel it so much when I see. I feel the absolute simple truth of it, there aren't questions about what it means or a frisson of excitement about what might be in store. Instead, in my stomach, I feel the truth of it as a clench and relax, a warmth spreading through me as I deepen in to what it is like to live a life where I  Trust  me to look after me. I am so Grateful to be learning how to do that with greater ease day by day, to have chosen to create the space in my life to really dig in to what a life well lived means for me and for playful resources like oracle and tarot cards that aid my inner understanding. This week I think my greatest Inspiration  came in my second ever Falun Gong  class; taught free by dear, generous people I am loving finding new Faith  in the energy within and around my body, in the unseen and the unproven.