Happiness is..

.. a cosy day inside when the rain bangs on the window. Having cleared out some cobwebs and emotional baggage and feeling light and bright and making more space for more great energy. Catching up with friends in the flesh - five days of social engagements in a row must be a record for hermit-ish little me. Having more great friends around the world that technology allows me to stay in touch with. Shopping trips for quilting kit and time to play with new toys. Watching fun sewing geek things. Playing with a two year old who reminds you to just be silly (my word for the year) and do what feels good. Remembering that life is full of joy and by dancing along this path there is so much to be found.


Anita said…
Hi Sarah,
Those things are sure happy things.
Love the rain banging on the window and 5 days of engagements would be alot for hermit-ish me too. lol. Enjoy those things.
Cheers, Anita.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing such a great post! Sounds like a perfect week planned! Most of my friends these days are in distant places that only the Internet can bring them to my house. I admit I tend to be a bit hermit-ish as well! :D
Beth P
Lynne said…
Sounds good to me!
Rose Red said…
The rain is banging on the roof here too, it is a comforting sound when you are cosy inside. Five appointments in a row - that is a lot for me too, but how nice!
Rachel said…
It sounds like you and I are on the same emotional journey...albeit maybe taking different roads to get there. This post instantly made me feel lighter so I can't even imagine how great you must be feeling. Thanks for sharing some of that joy.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful and creative video! Thanks for sharing that along with the resto of your thoughts on what "Happiness is". ;)

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