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Cloud Illusions shawl with JKnit App
I didn't think I could knit any less than as reported last week but the days since then have seen no stitches at all. Worse than that it's not been replaced by any crafty goodness. No sewing, no crochet, no baking. Sigh. I'm blaming the fact that work is so busy that it has drained all movement from my hands for the ever reducing bit of evening time I'm at home and the ole brain is equally drained. I thought I'd catch up yesterday but spent free time gardening and painting my fingernails. Not even sorting out my lovely new box. Some kind of emptiness in  the creative zone. There are no deadlines and if I don't want to knit then it's not a problem but I do. I love it so, benefit so much from the feelings it brings and I want to be wearing the prettiest of the knits on my needles - this lovely Cloud Illusions that I made some good progress on over the Easter long weekend.

I've even found a great piece of technology to keep track of my charts. The JKnit app comes in a paid and free version. I've just got the free version at the moment which has this great PDF chart viewer, that green bar responds when you tap the screen to move up (or down) the pattern and keep track of where you are. When you go back to it after turning off it remembers where you are and as it stores the PDFs you don't need internet access to be able to use it. Being able to zoom in and move around a chart is fab. Definitely a handy app, it has a users' group on Rav and I probably would have upgraded were it not for the fact that the IPad is still a rather new and shiny toy which belongs to the Mr who kindly shares with me (most of the time!).

Looking at that picture, being here in my little creative corner is a good move I think. I'm going to aim to knit a row on that shawl today and at least a stitch every day next week. A single stitch is so small I know I can do it and even if that's all I do it will make me feel more fulfilled and I'm sure once I've got needles in my hands again it'll be easy to do a little more than that.


WildflowerWool said…
Looks like a great app, hope you find some knitting time this week!
Rose Red said…
I will have to check that app out. I've got a few knitting apps, but mostly I used GoodReader for my pattern PDFs. Doesn't have the neat chart marker thingy though!

I think that's a good approach to your knitting. I am sure you won't be able to stop at one stitch!
Lynne said…
Yep, definitely time to make time for some stitching!
Bells said…
maybe two stitches?

As I'm in the middle of an awfully big shawl, I think it's a good approach to break it down like this.

And thanks for the app heads up!
DrK said…
oh i know that feeling. its frustrating but no use fighting it. it will come back when you have the time and space for it.

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