Knitting: it's not just about Knitting

Sometimes I think it's more about blogging, friends, feeling inspired and alive than woolly items.

Sometimes it's a about a new favourite band!

I'm really enjoying Pink Martini; in particular the album Sympathique which of course my musicophile other half has had forever but just forgot to share with me.

It took an article with the knitting lead singer, China Forbes in Knit1 for me to catch up and now I have the latest album Hey Eugene on order.

Knitting, it gets in everywhere :o)

Here's a bit of Pink for PS in celebration of Pink Martini


Marianne said…
Seriously! What's not to love?
Gorgeous pink!
I? said…
Thanks for invaluable tips on music - I need a fresh few notes in my collection. My most recent discovery is Axelle Red... Anything I look at that strikes me as beautiful, interesting, odd, or just mesmerises me with colourways has influence on my knitting ideas - it's just great. Knitting is like a language anything can be translated into. And yes - making new friends is ace too!!! Greetings from Stitchville x
Kath said…
Love the shot of the cyclamen - really pretty!!

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