Just one more shot...

I don't know, you give your one true beloved a pair of hand knit socks you slaved over for hours and after a mere 36 shots in two locations he's had enough of modelling them.Pattern:Twin Rib Socks from SKS
Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Colortweed 80% wool, 20% polyamide, used maybe 90g of the ball to fit a UK 11 foot
Needles: 2.5mm Bamboo DPNs
Started: 8 June 2007

Finished: 10 August 2007
Notes: These poor socks got overtaken by the course socks so have lingered on the needles far longer than need be. This was an easy pattern from SKS which the boyf chose but I found it was wasted in this striped yarn so I did the instep (it never seems right to me that this is the tops of the feet - the instep to me is the arch of your foot, that had me baffled me the first time I read a sock pattern!) in plain 3x3 rib which would have been a better choice all over. The socks fit the BFG well and he is pleased with them. I really liked this yarn to knit with, it is very springy and soft. It even felt nicer than the Lana Grossa I did my Mum's b'day socks in which was Meilenweit Scala - who knows why as they are the same fibre composition from the same company!

You can't see the socks very well in this shot but it made me laugh!


Marianne said…
Those are some great mansocks..and he was patient for 36 photos? What a saint.
I love that last photo...:^) what a beautiful smile! and those sock heels are nice and sturdy looking ;^)
Linda said…
They look great socks and I too like the last shot!
Piglottie said…
Great socks! And lucky bf :)
dreamcatcher said…
Hee love the idea of him putting up with all those photos! Great socks :-) Also wanted to say I like your new blog header picture :-) And thanks so much for the linkie to my pattern!
Curly Cable said…
Hi, Just come across your blog and wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading about all the things you've made, You,ve made some lovely things, Those men's socks are great and good on your bf for being patient through the photo shoot, I loved the last picture too ;)
Artis-Anne said…
Great socks and I love the photo with you peeking through.
The woman behind the socks; just what every good man needs , sounds like an advert LOL
acrylik said…
The socks look fab, I love that Lana Grossa yarn. Great photos!

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