Bitter Ends and Sweet Beginnings

Ah such wise advice in the comments to my last post, thank you all for the chuckles, the empathy and the sensible suggestions.

Of course I am a stubborn mule (not persistent or devoted Webbo, just stubborn to the point of stupidity) so I didn't bin or donate the monster, nope I reworked it by chopping it up and sewing two lengths together and gave it to my friend. I can't believe I did it but in the interests of a full record of my knitting adventures I have to own up to the fact that I gave my poor friend the Stashbustrophe.

She actually seemed to like it (she does wear slightly odd things sometimes so there is a possibility that she wasn't just being polite, alright she was just being polite but she did it well!).
I know gifting it makes me a bad person, look at me wearing it - I HATE IT - but I just couldn't face not salvaging something, had nothing else to give and she does value hand made gifts above everything else so.... yep, I know, I must learn to know when to cut my losses - what is it about knitters, as Piglottie says, that makes us put in more and more effort to save the ill fated early effort? No more grim, financially sensible stash busting projects for me or my friends, I am only going to knit things that I love the idea of at the start so there is some hope I vaguely like the item at the end!

I shall make amends to poor J, I made her a butterscotchy lemon cake a la Yarnstorm to make the bitter pill a little easier to swallow
and I hereby pledge to make her some Christmas socks out of the precious Hummingbird Alpaca; here you go look at this rather than that DISGUSTING serape.
So anyway, enough of the bitter end of that project, and on to the sweet beginning of another gift knitting venture. This must be better than the last project - I like the yarn (Karaoke rather than Lopi) for a start so I should enjoy knitting it which will be something even if the FO is a binner rather than a winner ;o)


Glad the scarf dilemma turned out well in the end! I'm sure your friend is thrilled with it. I made a felted handbag with Karaoke in the same colour as yours! It felts well. :D
Charity said…
Awesome! I'm sure the Christmas socks will be wonderful. :0)
Linda said…
Well, that is great that your friend likes the scarf! Those socks will be nice in that yarn.
Marianne said…
Drats, I missed your birthday!?!
Happy belated birthday wishes to you! Your birthday weekend sounds like it was fabulous and that's a mighty fine and lovely haul of yarny goodness to show for it too.
That butteryscotch lemon curd cake looks and sounds divine, I want to come over and have tea with you!
Seahorse said…
Your post has given me a chuckle this morning!

That yarn is gorgeous!
Reckless Glue said…
good luck with the tote! Can't wait to see how yours turns out (hopefully better than mine!)
artyfartykat said…
LOL! All's well that ends well!!
Bet she'll be even more pleased with that yummy cake and Christmas socks!!
Piglottie said…
Well, at least your efforts have found an appreciative home. The Hummingbird is so pretty and I love the colour of the Karaoke.
Sarah Ditum said…
You ingenious thing, you've salvaged the serape from the fug after all! I'm really happy it's found an appreciative owner.
Rain said…
That's a very uhm, er, interesting project ;)

I actually think it's quite nice in it's own way and I'm sure your friend wasn't just being polite.
Artis-Anne said…
I missed the previos post so am catching up here and I did have a laugh at your serape story. I think we have all been there but I am glad you were able to rescue something out of it.
I too want to get rid of a lot of the fuzzy eyelash stuff we once thought was funky and am thinking of chucking them all in this grand idea of a peg loom rug... watch out for a disaster in MY neck of the woods !!
The sock yarn does look yummy as does the cake :)

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