Knitting Retreat

My weekend at home was a lovely relaxing time, just look at this perfect retreat. This is part of the glorious garden that my Mum has created.

While she put in some work in the vegetable patch I stuck to fibre work.

I finished up the man socks (photos to follow when the recipient does some modelling) and cast on my Mum's summer socks in the Lana Grossa cotton blend. My Mum raves about how lovely her Chain Rib birthday socks are so I wanted to get straight on with another pair for her.

I wanted a nice open pattern for lighter weight socks and I wanted something relatively simple for my first go at lacy socks. I was inspired to go for Hedera after I saw Janey's lovely pair. The socks are growing fast, like weeds you could say, if you were feeling a bit tired and unable to resist a dreadful pun :o)
When I wasn't actually knitting this weekend I was reading about it, though not on blogs for once as my parents internet connection is too slow for me to bear.

I found a great selection of knitting magazines in the local newsagents, all of the US titles I've not seen in a shop here. I went for Knit Simple as there are some lovely patterns in the Fall issue (of which I want to make about 10, hmm not sure when!). I really like it and on the basis of this issue would recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it - it seemed like a slightly more fashionable/classier version of Simply Knitting to me.

I also got my birthday present from my brother - Knitting Nature - I will dedicate a whole post to it soon as I LOVE about 20 of the patterns and thought I would share some photos for anyone who hasn't had a chance to browse it. It's a real coffee table book, gorgeous styling and photos.

Lest it sounds like I was closeted away knitting and reading I should note that I did see lots of my family too, plenty of good times made.

I showed off my knitting to my talented Auntie who was delighted to see my lacy sock work, she specialises in quilting but can turn her hand to most fibre/fabric crafts. She seems to have inherited her talents from my Nan and I feel like a lot of the same crafting genes are in me. I love how our crafts are a part of family history. I feel it strengthens connections with people who are here now and who have gone before. I also find it makes me feel closer to the intended recipient as I work on their piece. Glad I have a project for Mum on the sticks as I am feeling dreadfully homesick after my lovely weekend.

Off to catch up on all the latest blogging :o)


Janey said…
Ooooh, thanks for the compliment Sarah! Your hedera's look great so far...don't you just love that pattern?

Glad you had a lovely weekend!
Charity said…
Sarah, it sounds like a truly wonderful time! Your mum's garden is beautiful! :0)
Marianne said…
Mercy, your Mom's garden is beyond beautiful! What a lovely place to spend time and topping it all off with good times made with family and friends!
Linda said…
That garden looks like heaven. The hedera socks you are making are lovely. It makes a change to be away from the computer doesn't it!
Seahorse said…
What a fabulous weekend! Your Mum's garden is gorgeous. Love your Hederas. I have Knitting Nature and totally agree it's a stunning book.
Piglottie said…
Your mum's garden is beautiful! And your hederas are looking great :)
florencemary said…
Glad you had a lovely weekend - lots of gorgeous socks on the go! And your mum's garden looks wonderful.

Your reflection on knitting genes being handed down and creating connections is so true. I still feel close to my late (and lovely) grandmother who crocheted me my comfort blanket when I was young; and one of my grand-daughters has a comfort blanket which was knitted by me...
Artis-Anne said…
Oh my I seem to have lot to catch up with your blog !!
Sounds like you had the perfect weekend and what a lovely garden your Mum has; so relaxing a picture :)
acrylik said…
Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend surrounded by those you love. Your mum's garden is just beautiful.

The Hedera socks are beautiful. I agree with your thoughts on creative genes, it's a wonderufl connection to your ancestors.

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