I like the idea that each day that I live is like a bead on a necklace that makes up my life. I am lucky enough that most days make pretty beads; sometimes there may be a flaw in the bead, occasionally the bead may more accurately be described as a shrivelled, dried pea (thankfully few and far between), the last two days however have been the brightest, shining, jewel-like beads.

I spent Friday afternoon with one of my dearest friends, cafe crawling and gallery visiting in London, followed by a lovely Italian meal in the evening. Today I spent with Gosia and Iwona on the Socks, Socks, Socks course totally immersed in designing and knitting a sock*. We had the most fantastic conversations about knitting and life, a lunchtime trip to Loop and the small bonus of learning so much about socks from a fabulous teacher that my brain is literally buzzing. The really good news is that I get to do the same thing again next Saturday.

So I made my way home, happy as could be knitting on my new project and feeling like life could get no better. I just got in to find that my 1TB has been so busy with chores all day that he is a total hero AND he bought me not one but two bunches of roses*. Some days I'm not even sure where to start on counting my blessings.

*Photos to follow tomorrow as the camera is on a night out with the aforementioned hero of the hour


Sarah Ditum said…
What a lovely post. I'm so glad you found the class so rewarding. And roses! and housework! - I think I might be a little bit in love with your man for being so splendid! Definitely a beautiful Venetian glass bead of a day.
Marianne said…
What a fabulous post and what a wonderful and lovely 2 days you've had!
Kath said…
How lucky are you! Glad the course went well and I love the new yarns you have as well - such lovely colours!
acrylik said…
Your day sounds amazing - how great to meet like minded people and be immersed in all that inspiration too.

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