Flibbertigibbet knitting

All weekend I have flitted from thing to thing and it has been glorious.
Pictured here are the chain rib socks, a swatch for Sitcom Chic (wrong gauge and having second thoughts), the start of the easy lace scarf (oh the silk - it is true love), and of course, you know who (better make sure I get on with her or that Dreamcatcher is going to beat me over the line!).
The only completion was for the back of Moonlight - mainly to release the Brittany needles as this is a wintry cardi which I don't feel the urge to complete this season, she's gone for a summer hibernation.

The greatest pleasure has come from swatching for Arisaig, I am so entranced by the teeny stitches and the emerging pattern is quite magical to me. I feel incredibly proud that I can manage this pattern. I'm not sure I'm quite on gauge as I'm finding it hard to count the stitches in the pattern but I'm going to finish the second repeat and block it and see.


Seahorse said…
Really lovely stuff you've got OTN there!

I hate to say it but are you doing the modelled size for Arisaig? When it first came out there was quite a rush to make it but I know a lot of people working on the non tiny sizes were really struggling with their results :/
dreamcatcher said…
I think you are quite a way ahead of me with Flair actually ;-) I'm wondering if I need to get more yarn though, time will tell I guess.

I was going to comment about Arisaig and the problems with the pattern but Seahorse has beaten me to it :-) I believe the issues are around how the larger sizes were calculated, I don't think any corrections have been published though.
acrylik said…
Sounds to me that you have had a wonderful time playing :) I love the scarf, that looks as though it is going to be gorgeous. Arisaig looks beautiful, having just read Seahorse's and Dreamcatcher's comments I hope it all works out well.
Artis-Anne said…
My you are a busy bee and they are all looking good. you are certainly coming on fast with your knitting skills.
I too have been flitting but unlike you I am not enjoying it LOL
Kath said…
My you have been busy! Good to hear you're enjoying it all as well! Hope Flair etc progress well for you - F looks almost finished now!
Sarah Ditum said…
Are you knitting the ribbing for Arisaig in a contrast colour? I'm doing that too. Mine's going to be pale pink and chocolate brown. If I wear it over a white cami, I'll look like a neopolitan ice-cream.
Reckless Glue said…
wow, flair is looking BEAUTIFUL...I love the colour you've chosen!
Marianne said…
Oh what fun to flitter and flutter around the projects!
About Arisaig...you might need to 're-figure' some of the math...

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