Ta Da!

Here it is - in all its slightly tarnished glory - the Triple T or Thorn Tank Top.
Pattern: Shapely Tank Top in size 41" bust
Yarn:Rowanspun DK in Thorn. Love the yarn, soft and fuzzy, a little easy to break but great yardage. 3 skeins.
Needles: 4.5mm bamboo straights, 4mm metal straights for the neck and armholes
Started: 30 January 2007
Finished: 18 February 2007
New Skills?: Bar Increases on the purl side, lots more experince of short row shaping and picking up stitches which seemed a lot harder than on the heel of a sock.
Notes: Well I say 'slightly tarnished glory' as it's not quite as shapely as I'd hoped and the neckline is way higher than I like. It creates a rather larger grey expanse across the chest than I was hoping for and is not the most flattering garment in my wardrobe. Still I think for my first attempt it fits well enough, it's warm and soft and will be useful. Picking up the stitches and seaming was quite a challenge and I hope to get better at this! I might try the pattern again in cotton with a lower neck as it was a nice process knit and a cotton yarn may give me something closer to the original.


Sarah said…
It is lovely. Your seaming looks very neat from the photos. I think you should be really pleased with it.
Alice said…
I agree with Kendra! And yours is much better than the tank I knitted - it looked like a smocktop.
Unknown said…
Nice job! I've looked at that pattern a few times but have never given it a try. I bet it's a nice versatile piece :)
Charity said…
This looks great! Very warm and cozy. :0)
Seahorse said…
Beautifully done! It really suits you too!
dreamcatcher said…
Very nice job, it looks great on :-)
Marianne said…
Sarah, it's a love tank and looks fab on you, and what a lovely young woman you are!
You knit and you learn, what life is all about? heh.
Artis-Anne said…
Oh I think you have done a lovely job on that and its so neat and I think it looks great on you Lovely to see you too :)
acrylik said…
Wow, your tank is just amazing, love it! Great to see a pic og you too :)

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