Someone likes my top...

I think that our grey miaowster has had enough of endless photos being taken of knitted items rather than her. I left my tank top blocking downstairs and came back to find that she thought the only way to get her pic taken was to get on the knitting.

Will post proper FO photos when I have managed to prise her off and get myself into it.

Some knitting frustration in the air here at the moment. Did my swatches for Flair and I need to try 3.75mm needles to try and get the right gauge, don't have any of those currently... I need to buy two long circs for this project anyway and so I guess I'll get those in 3.75mm - on the bright side it's a good job I didn't go ahead and order them in 4mm which I was sure would be fine.

So having abandoned that temporarily I got out the needles and yarn for Blue Lagoon (plumped for the Moonwave finally :o) only to read the pattern more closely and find that the maximum XL size is to fit a 32in bust. What???????????????????????????????????????????

I've written to Simply Knitting to ask why the pattern is only sized for the waifs of the world - I can't actually believe that the model in the mag is a 32in bust so I'm not too sure what is going on with this. I've asked them if they can let me have the size for a 38in bust - but in case they don't respond does anyone have tips or good book/web resource directions for guidance on resizing a pattern? This is really straightforward so I think it would be feasible but suddenly the "quick and easy knit suitable for beginners" is becoming a bit more of a challenge!

Good job I've got Susan's quick knit socks to soothe, onto the second one which should speed along now I know what I'm doing. I'm still at the stage where getting to do a second sock isn't a chore but a great chance to iron out those little glitches from the first time around :o)


Anonymous said…
Aww, adorable kitty!

I am constantly baffled at the sizing of some patterns. I can go from a Medium to an XL likethat some days, argh.

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