Sunday Baking (ie low knitting content post)

I started the day off with a batch of biscuits for breakfast - new household rule: healthy porridge for breakfast every other day means you can have whatever you fancy for Sunday breakfast :0) Mmm mmm mmm.
I've been very neglectful of my baking lately - partly due to knitting taking up the hobby time, partly to kitchen decimation and partly because I'm trying to cut down on eating so many cakes and biscuits :o( This leads me on to the second new household rule: you can only eat homemade cakes and biscuits. In my world homemade goodies aren't so bad for me anyway as they are full of much nicer, more wholesome ingredients. Calorie reduction-wise they are less available than shop bought and infinitely superior in taste and you may as well really enjoy the calories I think. I don't want to not bake so I will just try and be a bit more restrained, feed most of the batch to 1TB and friends and really savour what I do have.

The recipe for these beauties came from the Yarnstorm blog which I discovered yesterday - the biggest baking inspiration out there!

I'm very pleased with the first baking from the new oven. The kitchen is nearing completion - floor went down yesterday, worktops will be done next week and we' ve spent most of the day painting. It'll be great when it's done - I'm almost at the stage where I don't care how it looks just so long as everything is finished but I'm planning great things for my little understairs cupboard/larder involving some of these - just about keeping me cheerful, well most of the time, except when there is paint everywhere and I can't get a straight line to save my life - for those times the oaty vanilla biscuits have come in mighty handy :o)

No knitting yet today as such but I have seamed the tank - it fits but I'm reserving the woohoos and yippees until I've blocked it - I think I've done something odd with the neck but I'm still quietly chuffed for my first knitted garment - I can get my head and arms through the holes so I know it could be worse!

Best news is that the yarn for Flair arrived yesterday by a late post and I'm planning to swatch for it this evening.


dreamcatcher said…
Those biccies look delicious :-)

It's so disruptive having a kitchen replaced isn't it? I think the contents of ours were in the dining room for weeks!

Not sure what to suggest about the Plaid, I like all the shades anyway and any of them would look good!
Sarah said…
Those biscuits look really good. I think your homemade-only rule is definitely a good idea. I might try it out too!
acrylik said…
Ooooh, those look delicious!

I totally agree about home baking - much better for you than shop bought processed stuff. Sounds like the kitchen is coming along well.
Glenna C said…
Those are yummy looking cookies! Good for you for getting out the non-knitting creativity/productivity. I am trying to remind myself to do that more often ;)
Marianne said…
Mmmmmmmm, will go after that recipe, those cookies look sooo good! Thank you!
Charity said…
Mmmmm, love the baking! :0)

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