So the tank is growing and am feeling quite pleased with the progress, especially as I've been a bit poorly this week.
Negotiated the short rows at the hem and the waist decreases fine but messed up when trying to do bar increases on the purl side - had to do a bit of tinking back to where I am now and must do some counting before I try again - found a helpful little video clip which is so much more illuminating than the instructions in my books. Some things you just need to see in action.

Am enjoying the Rowanspun, though despite Piglottie's warning not to pull too hard I have broken the yarn once already. Bit of a violent tug when the ball was trapped under my 1TB's elbow didn't do it any favours. It's been fine since though and stands up to the normal pull off the ball so long as there isn't an obstruction!

Hope to get lots of knitting in this weekend - maybe even start on those toe-up socks as the yarn has been safely delivered in a ball now - hurrah for my ace winding, sort of MIL, or the dimple stitch shawl as my extra long Addi Turbo (can't say/type/think these words without the accompanying sound effect from Cast On!) has arrived.
Am also stalking a sock knitting book - I thought I was decided on Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks, Warm Feet but am now debating Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. Any thoughts on this dilemma welcomed!


Charity said…
I don't know about SKS, but CS,WF only has about 6 patterns in it. :0) That's all I know, though!

So nice to have a knitting weekend in front of you!
Connie said…
Hi Sarah,
Thanks for commenting on my blog and for the compliments on Tori (Magknits). I really appreciate your taking the time to tell me you like it. :)
Sarah said…
It is looking great so far and it is going so quickly.

By the way if the yarn does break mid row using a felted join usually works well. There is a really helpful video here.
Alice said…
My three-year-old often gets tangled in my yarn when running past, and in his panic (he knows how SERIOUS this is) he usually snaps it, trying to get free before I notice (as if!)

I have the Charlene Schurch book and I really like it - I've knitted loads from it. It's very useful as you can use any stitch pattern because it gives tables for varying gauges etc.

I like the light in your photo.
acrylik said…
Love how your tank is coming along. Hope you're feeling better now and will be enjoying a knitting-full weekend!

I haven't seen the SKS book, but the CS, WF does give you instructions on how to mix and match sock parts to make the fit you like. I shall have to look out the SKS book anyway, I think!

Did you hear back from Becky about the CS,WF book? If not, I can ask her about it next week when I see her.
Piglottie said…
Sorry to hear you've been poorly. Hope you feel better soon. I love the knitting help videos too - actually seeing stuff helps me get it better!

I have SKS, which I got for Christmas, but I haven't yet starting knitting from it. I love the theory behind it (that you can work out a design yourself etc) but I hate the idea of doing swatches for socks! But I suppose that bit of effort will be worthwhile. It does have loads of different patterns in it. Not sure how much help I'm being :)
Sarah said…
Thanks for all the helpful comments, am somewhat leaning towatds SKS but then I thought about Knitting Rules from the Yarn Harlot and thought that might have enough socks in there for me at the moment plus the bonus of other stuff too. Ooh decisions, decisions!

Kendra - I tried the felted join when I started the new ball of yarn and it worked brilliantly, thanks for such a useful tip.
Elaine said…
Hey Sarah, Thanks for the couple of useful sites you left on my blog. I'll definitely check them out on my next pair of socks!
Dipsy Doodle said…
This is going to look totally amazing! "Knitting Help" is such a fantastic source of help - actually they've saved quite some of my knitting projects with their videos!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Dipsy D.
Artis-Anne said…
Oh that's looking good, sorry your poorly as well:( I think I am going to need a sock knitting book so am reading with interest your replies. That felting tip is great and I have used it a few times. One of our dogs (Islay) is a little B at times when I am knitting and she will chase a ball if it rolls away from me grrrrrrr :)
Marianne said…
I just happened to be at a book store yesterday and looked through CS/SKS and it's a fabulous book! Stephanie's Knitting Rules has a basic what she calls 'plain vanilla' pattern and that's really it, of course I have all her books just because but if it's more info you're wanting I'd go with CS/SKS definitely. loads of very useful information plus the patterns.

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