FO: Horcrux Socks

Taking photos of socks on the hoof is a challenge isn't it?!
Pattern: Horcrux Socks
Yarn: Sirdar Bonus Flash in Peacock. It is squeaky 100% acrylic, but feels nice and soft and for socks to wear with slippers is just fine. Can't have used more than 50g.
Needles: 4mm bamboo DPNs
Started: 6 February 2007
Finished: 25 February 2007
New Skills?: Use of yarn overs and decreases to create a pattern.
Notes: Doing sock one in stages as the pattern was revealed was excellent fun, though I did wish I had two sets of the right size dpns as it would have been possible to do them alongside each other then. Will definitely do some more socks in heavy weight yarn as they are so quick and I like this size of sock for wearing at home or with big boots. These made a great first pair of patterned socks, though next time I would use a plain yarn to maximise the impact of the lightning bolts.
Just to prove I have done both, here they are resting:

In other knitting news I finally plucked up the courage to buy the Blue Skys Cotton and plumped for the gorgeous Thistle shade only to find that none of the three UK stockists have it in - typical! Still I'm holding strong, and crossing my fingers that I will knit this well and won't waste my money. The Knitting Hut were very helpful and should have some for me in the next few weeks, so the beautiful Flair will wait in the wings a little longer.

Simply Knitting magazine responded to my email and are looking into resizing the pattern as they had some other enquiries too. Fingers crossed.

I have found that the Patons Cotton DK (destined for Flair and currently keeping the stash monster warm) knits to the right gauge for another great Knit and Tonic pattern - Sizzle, and I think it would rather lovely for this so I think I will buy that pattern soon and get to work on tank number 2.

In the meantime I'm knitting a little something for the kitchen (to try and coax it towards being finished!) and I'm thinking of a waistcoat type garment with my lovely Cherries point5 and this point5esque gorgeousness that came to visit on Saturday from The Kaleidoscope.
Part of this will be a scarf like the old Three Start Scarf for la Mama. 15mm needles and speedy knits here I come :0)


dreamcatcher said…
Love the socks, what a great name too! The Blue Sky yarn looks wonderful, hope it arrives soon.
Charity said…
The socks look great! I'm almost through with my first one - it's a really nice knit. :0)
Sarah said…
The socks are lovely and that yarn for the scarf looks so soft and pretty.
acrylik said…
Your socks are really lovely, thanks so much for the link to the pattern, I've not come across that one before.

Your new yarn is just beautiful!
Kath said…
Those socks look great and I love the colour of the yarn! Why not have acrylic sock for everyday slouching in? Some of these lovely expensive cashmere or pure wool sock yarns are almost too beautiful to hide away on feet anyway! I understand the Tank dilema myself having just finished mine and not sure if I just look like a woolly blimp! Ah well!
Marianne said…
Mmmmmmm, your socks look great and I love those colours!

Your new yarn is quite delicious also!
Artis-Anne said…
Oh GREAT socks & thanks for the link :)Nothing wrong with acrylic socks, at least you can bung them straight in the washing machine :)
Seahorse said…
Great looking socks!
Dipsy Doodle said…
Oh, these socks turned out so beautifully! I really love the pattern (and the name too!), and the colourway rocks big time! Awesome work!

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