Plaid Dilemma

So when you've got a kilo of Plaid that needs a project, and you find a project for it, what would be the best thing to do? Buy another kilo of course!

Now I have another one of my endless knitting dilemmas (I'm sure when I signed up for this 'hobby' there was nothing in the small print about how much thinking about knitting I would do - like 99% of brain space would be occupied 99% of the time).

You see I'm still dreaming of the perfect Plaid jacket style cardi - I can see it (it's slightly longer than hip length, no buttons, slightly bell shaped sleeves - there is a kind of turtle neck - ie the collar stands up round my neck - I'm feeling a moss stitch border thing going on) but I can't find it! This is utterly typical of the way I am about all clothes, and shoes in particular, I have visions of what I want to wear and so seldom find anything exactly right. I should have known my own made clothes would be no easier.

On Valentine's Day, lucky girl that I am, a copy of the latest Simply Knitting arrived on my lap and I'm really fond of the jumper called 'Blue Lagoon' - simple construction, should knit quickly but is not going to look boxy and boring. I concluded that the Plaid I had would be perfect. Clearly my muse is not yet ready to give up on the cardi however, as a super irrestible bargain lot of the Bramble shade showed up on Ebay. Ooh ooh who can resist a bargain? So the cardi dream lives on for the day when I'm brave enough to try and make the pattern up myself or find something close enough to adapt.
So the dilemma is - which shade do I use for BL? - internal dialogue runs along the lines: "I like the Bramble best" "So knit it in Bramble" " But the jumper's going to be really warm, you'll get more use out of the cardi so save the Bramble for that" "But it's going to be an age before I knit the cardi" "You loved the Moonwave when you bought it and it'll be lovely as a cardi" "Yeah but the Bramble..." You get the picture!

Hopefully the Patons DK for Flair will arrive on Monday and save me from the life changing decision for a while longer, cos the word on the street is that I'll need a new big project by Monday as I'm working on the finishing of el tanko ;0)


Artis-Anne said…
LOL now you know how you end up with a stash ; well at least I did. I have so many 'will I make this or this with it' in my stash , Hence the no buying yarn for a bit as I do really need some cardis and jumpers
Charity said…
Decisions, decisions! I say put a ball of each into a bag, put your hand in, and whatever one you pull out, that's what you knit the jumper out of. :0)
Sarah said…
I'm really indecisive, so I am constantly having similar dilemmas. I find a magic 8 ball helps!
Marianne said…
Isn't stash enhancement how I love it...and envy're at the beginning of your stash enhancement gathering....I'm on a knit from my stash I really love to watch you gather!
Well, let's see, the Moonwave is blue-ish....Blue Lagoon...
Bramble just keeps saying cardi,(at least that's what I'm hearing)
Tank looking splendid (previous post) really nice knitting there.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
artyfartykat said…
I am hopeless at making decisions too! I think I would choose Bramble for the cardi, but then again...!
Sarah said…
I think I'm with you Marianne and ArtyFartyKat, I'm almost, well sort of, well nearly, well leaning towards deciding on Moonwave for the jumper! I think I need to buy needles for Flair so I may have to get on with the decision sooner than I thought!
acrylik said…
I love that pattern too, it's really pretty. As for yarn choices... I would go for Bramble...

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