Very un-Mean Reds

I loved the red quilt background to my little scarf in that last post. Winter is the one time of year when I genuinely have one favourite colour. I love the antidote red things provide to the lack of colour in nature and finding hidden patches of red berries when outside is like a surprise for the eyes.

However for all the need for red I'm enjoying this month so much more than I normally do. Something about the bout of snow here has given me permission to start the year at a more Sarah-ish speed. I can't get up for January and its new this, new that-ness, I need to just hunker down and for once it feels like many people around me are doing the same. It's as if the focus has shifted to the basics of everyday life. Getting about, getting provisions, keeping warm have all required more care and attention and in spending more time on them they've become events in themselves rather than background chores to get out of the way and then move on to doing more more more.

Don't get me wrong I'm excited to go the supermarket in the car this weekend and stock up on some heavy items that didn't get carried home on foot last weekend! The novelty of certain tasks could soon wear off but I hope I don't lose the sense of how to let the quietness of winter take centre stage. I want to remember throughout the year that time spent on humdrum things will lift them into part of this life well lived and give me the sense of accomplishment that I often only feel with my knitting.


Rose Red said…
as you know, I love red at any time of year - but I agree, it is in winter where red really stands out.
Bells said…
LOVE the reds!! So very winter-warming! There's a German movie called Wintersleepers I saw a few years ago where all the interiors, in my memory at least, were shaded red. Red rooms, red lights etc. Beautiful.

It's interesting watching you Brits from afar - on the news, on the net etc - this has really been a different kind of winter and there's a real mix of love-hate it seems. I'm glad you're enjoying the slower pace of life!
Charity said…
Glad to hear you're enjoying the snow - I love it, myself! Ours is all melting away right now, it's become unseasonably warm. Did you get my email with the address for Gwen's card? I accidentally replied to the comment list, and wanted to be sure it made it to you... :o)
Marianne said…
You have some truly beautiful red items in your photos and yes, I do love me some Red! (EVERY woman should have at least one pair of Red socks!)
I used to not like Winter, but then I made friends with it, embraced it you might say and I LOVE Winter now, possibly more than any other season. I have my own reasons but mostly because it does slow it all down.
DrK said…
i almost cried with envy at the thought of a quiet snowed in winter. with red antidotes! im with you on january, i never really got the new year celebration thing either, this constant need to rush forward and keep starting again. how about just enjoying what you already have!
Lea said…
I want your January I have decided - though our heatwave has had a similar effect of slowing things down for me. Lots of time indoor with the curtains drawn and not moving much. it is lovely. and of course I lurve that red - my house is filled with red and I just lot it to bits. even in summer. I hope you continue to enjoy.
Kai said…
love, love, love red!!

love the collage and i want more red in january. :)
t does wool said… surely stands out in winter...beautiful ones to share Sarah.
marycatharine said…
Red is the perfect winter colour. January is a hunker down month for me too. I think going home for half the month makes it pass a bit quicker but I still want to sit by the fire.
Rachel said…
Your mosaic is beautiful and definitely a sight for winter-bound eyes! But your words...shifting focus to the basics...well said Sarah.

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