Ways to Keep Warm

Curl up in a fur coat.

Mmm mmm macaroni cheese.

No fur coat? Find some wool and a hot water bottle.


Charity said…
Mmmmm hot water bottle & wool - my favourite companions for a chilly day! :o)
artyfartykat said…
Sounds good to me too! Love the snowy pics! Up here in the frozen north, we are now in our 4th week of the white stuff and the novelty is definitely wearing off!
florencemary said…
You are very wise! Love the photo of your cats (though it makes me miss mine terribly); and your macaroni cheese has sent me cheesey-bonkers - I've just made cheesey potato pie (no macaroni!). X
Lynne said…
Too cold for me - I'd hate it!

Enjoy the hot water bottle.
Bells said…
oh how i long for winter!!!
Littlelou said…
That scarf is beautiful..so delicate (unlike me or my knitting!!)Thanks for thorp hat you sent me as a Pay It Forward..many moons ago. keeping me very warm indeed xx
Anna said…
Mmm - macaroni cheese! Not had that for ages, now it's what I'm making tomorrow!
Rachel said…
I was going to say that #1 was my favorite by far...but then I saw the macaroni and cheese. Yummmmm!
marycatharine said…
A hot water bottle is my favorite cold weather fix although the mac and cheese looks tasty.

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