On Garter Stitch Scarves

When I first started knitting my only ambition was to be able to make garter stitch scarves. I just wanted to get some creating in my life in a simple, relaxing form. Make myself and my nearest and dearest some beautiful scarves.

Blogs soon raised my expectations above that level and as I realised that I had the ability to learn and explore the craft more thoroughly I quickly left behind more basic items.

A bit over a year on I've made far more and more complex projects than I ever imagined; trying out techniques and yarns that I never even dreamt existed. Knitting became a full scale passion and my life has been infinitely enriched by the craft and this community in a way it just never could have been if I had only made garter stitch scarves quietly in my own living room.

As the new year has started I took a deep breath and looked at the unfinished presents and wondered why I hadn't knitted them or anything much else for the last couple of months of 2007. I remembered my initial aims in learning to knit and just stopped fretting about it all. I want to learn and develop as a knitter and I want to make wonderful amazing items for me and as gifts and I will, in time.

Enter a garter stitch scarf in Colinette Point5; this perfectly feeds my creating instinct without putting any demands on my brain. These won't be all I make this year but if garter stitch scarves are what my inner knitting mood dictates then garter stitch scarves it will be. It's whimsical knitting all the way here so it may well be I'll cast on for Venezia next week having just extolled the virtues of the brainless knit! Hurrah for knitting anything; infinitely better than knitting nothing.


Charity said…
There is something special about classic, simple knits. And more complicated stuff, too. :0)
Glenna C said…
Aha - so that's what one does with Colinette Point 5! ;)
Janey said…
Your scarf is lookly very snuggly!

And like you said, you must knit what your inner knitter craves, complex or stunningly simple. xx
Rose Red said…
Oh yes, far better to knit something than knit nothing. And sometimes the simple things are the best. The scarf is a lovely colour, looks very snuggly.
The scarf is looking lovely!

I think this is a great attitude! The last few months I haven't knit much at all and I miss it!
Bells said…
That's the way. Go with what feels right. No point otherwise!
florencemary said…
Totally agree! Despite having knitted most of my life, I always like to have a simple pattern on the go; in fact, the simple knits often equal the best ones. Knitting doesn't have to be a 'process', where you go from knitting simple things to knitting complicated things. You should knit want you want, and what gives you (and others) pleasure.

Venezia - baah!
Marianne said…
That's a Lovely scarf! and yes, sometimes the inner knitter just wants the simple, no brainer project :^) which btw, with the variety of yarns out there can be quite stunning and comforting at the same time, life is good, eh?
Modelwidow said…
We spend so much time having to do things we don`t want to, our hobbies are the time to do what we want and will enjoy - and if that it garter stitch scarves - then great, do it.

Love the fluffy bears, they are so sweet, (hope you won`t mind if I borrow your idea and use fashion yarn next time).
I? said…
Do not forget that enriching works both ways AND that you enrich all of us other knitters out there too! What an amazing start! You can knit anything with your powerful brain and agile fingers in your command :)
Linda said…
Knitting is beautiful no matter how simple! Just enjoy!
Piglottie said…
And what a lovely scarf it is too. I totally agree. I find sometimes a bit of aimless stocking stitch is what I crave so that I can just relax with my knitting :)

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