New Year Catch Up

January is probably my least favourite month of the year - bleak and dark, no Christmas round the corner and a feeling that I should be good - eat less, spend less - all the recklessness of 'it's nearly Christmas' gone. Today, however, I feel like this could be a great January. After having most of December on holiday and away from home, having had a fabulous Christmas and caught up on some sleep, I'm feeling ready for the steadiness of routine and cosying in until all is lighter and brighter again.

I have much knitting to be keeping me busy as I have three outstanding Christmas presents to finish - that is three I am acknowledging as Christmas presents and will endeavour to finish this month. The cardigan did not make it, along with the earlier abandoned Dad's socks and Chris' scarf. All other gifts in progress/in mind are being reassigned for later events in the year.
The socks sadly look much as they did in San Francisco, so no new photo of those. The scarf is coming along now I am actually knitting it rather than just thinking about it. I'm using Manos in a wonderful olive green/brown mix and am very pleased with how it is looking in the My So Called Scarf pattern. This gift should make it around the neck soon I think, and at the desired width of the recipient now he had the chance to stick his oar in to the creative process - good job the surprise Christmas scarf became the not so surprise January scarf. The cardi is having a little rest while the other needle of the pair is relocated; otherwise of course it would be done by now ;o)
Christmas was a bountiful one for knitting related items; just look at this clutch of fabulous books and yarn (Thanks Fran, Delia and Mum :o) I also got the Happy Hooker book, some magazines and little bits like a mighty useful needle gauge. Plenty to keep fingers and brain busy and the January blues away.

There was also a very special knitting gift. Crafted by Chris and his Dad I now have my very own swift! Big thanks to the talented duo; this is a really wonderful addition to the knitting kit and I have the urge to ball up every skein I own just for the fun of seeing it whirl round!

Credit for dimensions etc should be given to Owl Knits I believe - great tutorial here; though I think this swift must be 100% unique as there can't surely be another out there with a slate ash tray as its base! ETA - Apparently credit is actually due to Crafty Diversions at this site which gave the inspiration for the swift above; lots of clever people out there!

Happy 2008 to you all; I'm off to get some fresh tea as I settle in for a mega catch up on the blog reading.


Janey said…
Happy New Year Sarah! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas, what a great haul of presents. I did manage to finish my Christmas knitting but not til 10.30pm on Christmas day!
Your scarf sounds lovely, that's next on my to-do list.
Wishing you a great 2008 full of peace, love and knitting! xx
Janey said…
Doh! just seen the scarf in the pic, looks even betetr than it sounds!
Marianne said…
A very happy New Year to you, Sarah!

Yes, a lovely haul of gifts! mmmm, has me drooling...
Your knits look GOOD... I only knit two pair of mittens for holiday gifts... perhaps since hopefully I won't be moving two households with remodeling for 2 months stuck in there..this coming year will be more knitting friendly, eh? oh yeah, and no more ice storms like the one we just had, that would be great too.

May your new year be filled with peace and love and all sorts of delights!
Piglottie said…
Happy New Year Sarah! Its sound like all is well with you, and what a lovely Christmas haul (the Artesano is gorgeous). Wishing you much happiness, peace and laughter in 2008.
Linda said…
Have a great time this year! Fab pressies. Do you like the Knit, Knit book?
Rose Red said…
Great Christmas haul - especially the swift - such a great idea, that one.

I bought some Manos last January to make my so called scarf...have I cast on, no. This year, this year I will!! Yours looks great!

Happy New Year!
sheep#100 said…
Nice on the hardware!

I so need to cast on a sweater...

Happy 2008
Modelwidow said…
Lucky you, some lovely Chrissy pressies there(love the colours in the Artesano)

Best wishes for a happy healthy 2008
Love the Artesano. The swift is amazing! Happy New Year.
florencemary said…
Lovely Chrimbo knitterly gifts! And a swift - what clever menfolk you have!

And a Happy New Year - glad to have you back from over the pond!
acrylik said…
Good to catch up with all your news, your trip to SF sounded amazing.

A very Happy New Year to you!

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