Demob Happy

Released from work for a long (gloriously "not back till Tuesday" type long) weekend I feel crazy happy with finger tingling anticipation at a weekend full of knitting. Two long train journeys and cosying down with my Ma and Pa means that I shall have knitting in hand for many of my waking hours. Poifect.

This will be my travelling project on the way down; now I don't have to I am of course enjoying knitting my Dad's Christmas socks.

Keeping with my current garter stitch love these are a garter rib stitch.

Thank you all so much for your thoughtful and thought provoking comments on my last post; I had definitely started treating my knitting as something I had to do and getting too focussed on the idea of the process. When you stop with the fussing it's all so simple isn't it? Is it any wonder I'm happy as can be? No work for four days and the world of knitting is at my fingertips. Beautiful.


Janey said…
Have a lovely weekend, relax and enjoy yourself! Happy Knitting!
Four days off...Mmmm lots of knitting...Oh how I wish I could knit socks
florencemary said…
Have a lovely few days! I'm sure
Dad's going to love those socks...
Linda said…
Have a great weekend!
Marianne said…
Sounds like a most wonderful weekend, enjoy and happy knitting!
Piglottie said…
Enjoy your long weekend! And your sock are lovely :)
Have a wonderful, knitting-filled weekend!

The socks are looking good :)
Artis-Anne said…
Have a wonderful weekend , relaxing and knitting. Love the socks :)
Bells said…
the start of a long weekend is a glorious thing. You captured it perfectly!
Kath said…
Well haven't you been busy!! I know just what you mean about the pressue of deadline knitting. Here's hoping you'll have a lovely relaxing weekend of knitting!

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