Two Gifts that were Finitoed

Pattern: Jonna by Norah Gaughan
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft in Poppy
Needles: 5.5mm
Started: September 2nd 2010
Finished: December 28th 2010

Pattern: Simple Slouchy Hat by Julie Weisenberger
Yarn: Rowan Alpaca Cotton - 406
Needles: 4mm
Started: December 2010
Finished: December 28th 2010
Some hastily taken shots of gifts for my little brother and his girl. My gift knits are so often like this, practically wrapped and in the hands of  the recipient before I can even get a picture. These were seized upon with some pleasure and worn straightaway so I should have a managed a snap or two in person but  making them stay in the freezing cold while I went to get my camera seemed too cruel. So we've got these. 
The red is way off (better here) but the pompoms look rather fine I think. Thanks to the Mister for those, he's a wizard with the Clover pompom maker so saved me the time of knitting the bubbles as specified by the pattern - vital help in the elf factory. 

This elf is off to hide with the last two gift knits she should be working on and pretend that real work doesn't start again tomorrow. Why are the holidays always so short?


Gorgeous! I did the same frantic thing with a scarf for my sister...finished it on Christmas Eve and wrapped it at about ten in the evening! I am going to try and be more organised this year!!!
Unknown said…
Haha... i was thinking the same thing yesterday evening when I realized i had to set the alarm clock.
Rose Red said…
Great gifts! I love the Jonna in red, such a jaunty scarf for winter!
Bells said…
they are dead cute pom poms!Isn't it great when items are adorned right away with enthusiasm? Well done!
Anonymous said…
such great joyful gifts, and so great that they were joyfully received. back on the chain gang here too. ugh.
Caffeine Girl said…
Very cool hat.

Why indeed are holidays so short?
raining sheep said…
Beautiful and excellent everything got done. LOVE that scarf. And yes, the holidays are short, always. I am still getting over the shock of being back at work.
Hi Sarah! I am happy to award you the Stylish Blogger Award. Please stop by Apples and Pears to collect it :)
Linda said…
Hello sweetie! They are wonderful knits, I do like the pom pom scarf. I am blogging again, Linda
Rachel said…
Very cool scarf! I definitely think the poms are glad you got a such a good elk to help you out!
marycatharine said…
That scarf is really neat... love the idea of a knitting elf factory.

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