New Year - Not New Project Yet!

But Mama is a forgiving lady. 
No resolutions here except to have much frivolous fun this year. Wishing you all you wish for in 2011. Happy New Year.


Rose Red said…
Much frivolous fun sounds like a great resolution! Hope you achieve that and more! Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
i do like the idea of frivolous fun. frivolous fun and lots of knitting! happy 2011 :)
A very happy, healthy and creative year to you!
Anita said…
Happy knitting in 2011! Kind regards, Anita.
Wendy said…
That sounds like a fabulous goal for the year!! Happy 2011, and may it be fun and frivolous indeed!
Rachel said…
Happy New Year to you and your family! I'm not one to do resolutions but I think that yours is simply perfect. I NEED to have more fun and will remember your words in the coming months!
Bells said…
happy new year to you too Sarah! And thank you so much for my buttons. They arrived a few days ago and I love them.

I said to Sean, 'these will be for a big, chunky knit' and he was all 'oh duh, really?' Oops. stating the obvious.

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