Twelth Night

Tonight the timer finally took its last chance to turn on the Christmas lights at the right time to welcome me home. I always like to have the decorations up until Twelth Night as coming back to a twinkly grotto of a house makes those first few days of work that little bit less brutal, less real somehow. I'm all for anything that makes life easier in the cold and dark of January in England.
Still I like my traditions too and it's time to send the little tree back outside. Never fear though I have the two Christmas gifts I'm STILL knitting on to keep me company and Christmas 2010 alive a little longer!


It is always a sad time for me when the tree and lights go...although this time I have replaced the twinkles with lots of little tea lights around the place :)
Rose Red said…
How nice to be greeted home by twinkling lights. And good on you for taking the tree down in a timely manner. I usually leave mine up until at least the end of January!
Anita said…
Good on you Sarah, I don't let go of Christmas either. lol. Kind regards, Anita.
Caffeine Girl said…
I'm always saddened by the end of the cheery Christmas season -- and I''m Jewish!
Linda said…
Doesn't everything look so bare when it is all down? Never mind, lets hope we get some sunshine!
Anonymous said…
a sparkling tree makes all that cold and dark worthwhile, i would give anything for a white christmas. hope the work thing is not being too monstrous.
marycatharine said…
I had to take the tree down on the 10th as the city was coming to pick them up but I'd have left it up for longer. The lights and decorations do seem to make things warmer.

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