If you go down to the woods today...

...you might see these little guys.

Three bears that were a picnic to knit.

I needed a simple bear pattern for a little lady just turned three and I've been meaning to knit a bear for the Baby Pack Project ever since I saw Modelwidow's bear last year. I decided that a 'lend' of their pattern in return for a couple of cute chaps for their packs seemed like a fair deal. These made a fun quick 'distraction from the bigger things' project so I hope I might get a few more done this year.

Pattern: Baby Pack Project - Small Soft Toy
Yarn: Wendy Shimmer; 2 skeins
Needles: 4mm Wood Straights (mmm Brittany)

Started: 5 January 2008
Finished: 11 January 2008
Notes: What a fun knit for the first FO of the year.

I thought I'd try the pattern in the Shimmer as I have a small batch in the stash and I was inspired when I saw Criosa's bear in the Holiday Kal-Cal (The fact that I was inspired to make Christmas presents which turned into a birthday gift will be a theme for 2008 :o)

Couldn't be more straightforward, knit all in one piece, garter stitch all the way and then seam and stuff. The hardest part was trying to get the features visible at the end, but I really like their fluffiness and it's mighty forgiving on the seaming front.

You can just squeak three bears out of two balls but this little guy may have had more lofty proportions if I'd given him a purple jump suit instead of just a jumper. I was cutting off ends to finish his little legs as it was. Mind you don't tell the others but he is my favourite.


Marianne said…
Teddy Bears Picnic is one of my all time favourites :^) those little bears are so cute, make me cramp kinda cute!
Linda said…
They are great, I like their fluffiness!
Janey said…
They are so cute! I like that they are all one piece. I'm knitting a bear and there is so much weaving in and seaming to do it's going to take forever!
Piglottie said…
I love them! And what a great cause - thanks for mentioning it :)
florencemary said…
Aaaw, they're so cute - well done! I luv 'em, but I still can't quite face knitting toys after the 'Woodin Experience'....
Kelly said…
Too cute for words!

I have a long tradition of giving intended Christmas gifts as birthday gifts... and not always in the same year!
Unknown said…
They look really cute :)
Knitted Gems said…
Your bears are SO cute!
Rose Red said…
Very cute - you did a great job on their features!! Lots of personality!
These are just adorable! Love the fluffiness :D
Lynne said…
Those bears are just gorgeous. Well done.


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