Nice to be Home

I'm back from Vienna where I had no spare time and so no woolly tourism to share unfortunately :( however I do have some finished socks to show off :)
Pattern: Garter Rib Socks from SKS
Yarn: Woolcraft Superwash Sock Yarn - just over half a ball for both socks - feels good to knit with so I'm interested to see how it wears
Needles: 3mm bamboo DPNs
Started: 12 March 2007
Finished: 21 April 2007
New Skills?: Slip stitch for heels
Notes: Ooh I love the SKS book - very easy to follow patterns and clear guidance on sizing - obviously all wasted on me! I went for a straightforward pattern to start but as I got to the foot of the second sock I spotted that I had messed it up - after the heel you should knit the top of the sock in the same pattern as the leg - I forgot to do this so ended up with plain ribbed feet. I'm happy enough with the appearance so I didn't feel the need to rip out 1 1/2 socks... As for the sizing - it gives US sizes or actual foot measurements - not knowing either of these of the top of my head I didn't trouble myself to find a tape measure and guesstimated my foot size and as a result the socks are a smidge too large but hey, whats a bit of Nora Battyesque sagging between friends. I really like the slip stitch heel and the garter border to the heel - very nice touches.
I love the SKS book so much that I have already started on another pair from it. These will be the socks for my Mum in the Lana Grossa yarn from Salzburg (which I remembered to pack for the trip to Vienna). I was aiming for Bluebell rib but couldn't quite get the hang of the pattern and ended up with larger holes than I should have, so I swapped for the Chain rib for ease - only one pattern repeat in but I think its a keeper this time.

Not much to report on Flair - just a few rows in - but Cara I am so glad that you shared your notes on the increasing I would have done just what you did. Thanks for saving me from the heartache :) I like the new buttons on your Flair and am glad it is getting plenty of use.

Off to make the most of the weekend knitting hours after a quick catch up on the blogworld.


Charity said…
And nice to have you back! I love the Garter Rib, it looks great, but is relatively simple. I may have to use it on my next socks... :0)
Marianne said…
Those are beautiful socks!!
And yes, it's good to see you back!
Artis-Anne said…
Lovely to see you back and such great socks too. I have taken a sock break for a bit :) but not for long !!
acrylik said…
Oooh, beautiful socks. The more you talk about the SKS book, the more I want it!! :D The yarn looks lovely, let us know how it wears.
Piglottie said…
Lovely socks. I have SKS but have yet to knit something from it as I keep getting distracted by other patterns. Did you know that they have just published More SKS? (not wishing to enable or anything ;)
Reckless Glue said…
love those socks --can't wait to see your progress on Flair...and glad for once that *I* could be of help to someone's knitting project instead of always the other way around!
artyfartykat said…
The socks look fab! I haven't seen SKS yet. Think I need to take a look!!
Kath said…
Great colour on those socks - very nice looking! I love Horace - he's so sweet and what an ideal yarn choice for a bear! Can't wait to see more of Flair.
Modelwidow said…
Lovely socks, they look really comfy.

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