Hello from Salzburg

Just another quick photoless post (promise some pretty pics of Salzburg next time). Have a few moments of downtime so I thought I would note that Salzburg is a lovely, charming city. I have completed my mission and found a yarn shop and was most restrained and made a couple of petite purchases (though I do have a free afternoon on Tuesday when I may have to head back for some of the lovely bargain Lana Grossa sock yarn).

There is just one thing wrong - I forgot to pack my knitting! Argh my fingers are itching for some stitching! Where was my head when I was packing? I had a quick look in the yarn shop for needles but none were on display I may be braver (read - more desperate) by Tuesday!


Marianne said…
Indeed, you must have been terribly busy....get thee some needles, woman...I hope you find some soon!
acrylik said…
No knitting? *faints* Hope you manage to get some on Tuesday!
Sarah said…
Poor you! No knitting. At least you managed to buy yarn.

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