Amazing April

Apparently this is the warmest April on record in England. While I understand the concerns about climate change and do try and do my bit to be as green as possible there is a large part of me that is just glad we have had such a sunny month.

Not quite strawberry season yet but I couldn't resist these from the shop today; they taste of summer to me.

Also made a little stop at the lovely yarn and fabric store, Masons in Abingdon. I went to look for buttons for Flair (not that I'm quite at that stage but I thought it would encourage me to stay focused) and found some really lovely shell ones. It also seems that I found a couple of skins of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. I was enchanted by this the last time I visited and I have decided to make my Mum a scarf from it based on the Easy Lace Scarf pattern from Knitter's Review.I am hopeful I may get it out of one skein and so get two? Not sure this will help me with focusing on Flair but it is truly gorgeous yarn.
It would seem that I'm not the only one enjoying the sunshine today, our cat Lilith is normally firmly attached to her sofa but today she has a little more bounce in her step!

Well enough of being indoors I'm off out to the make the most of the day, Flair will be keeping me company.


Marianne said…
Those strawberries are beautiful, much more so than the ones I've been seeing in our market.
Lilith is quite the beauty also.
Mmmmmm, that silky goodness, saw that at the lys and lingered with it for quite awhile and shell buttons are my favourite.
Glenna C said…
Yum! Both for the strawberries and the silk - I hope the scarf turns out nicely, that's some gorgeous yarn.
Charity said…
That yarn is lovely - it will make a beautiful scarf!

Your chair looks like the perfect place to spend some quality time with Flair. :0)
I? said…
Yes, unusually warm... and not very rainy either! So right you are to be knitting in the garden. PS: I like the socks a lot.
acrylik said…
Gorgeous yarn, and gorgeous pic of those strawberries - yum! Lilith looks like she's having lots of fun :)

Flair is coming along really well, keep at it!

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