Sometimes there are signs...

...such as yawning, scratchy eyes, a general weariness.

I should take these things to mean stop knitting and get to bed. Instead I took them to mean, just push on through the decreases you can graft the toe tomorrow. Next thing? Stitches jumping off the needles like lemmings off a cliff.

Eventually it became clear that a new day was going to be the only solution to resuscitating the lemmings.

That was last night, tonight the signs were strong so feeling like a wise white witch I took note and thought I'll photo the mess and blog about it instead, a nice substitute for knitting itself.

Here is the photo:

Or maybe this one:

And yet did the wise witch feel the way the wind was blowing, nope, onto blogger I hopped and I've been fighting with it ever since.
Sometimes bed is the only option!


artyfartykat said…
I empathise!
I've just bu****ed up my WIP by trying to cable when I should have gone to bed!!
Sarah said…
I tried to knit in the car in the dark the other night and only discovered the mistakes I'd made the next morning. It is just so hard to stop!
acrylik said…
Why do we do it to ourselves?! But at least you know you're not the only one!

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