A Happier Knitter and Blogger

See how Dad's number one sock that was behaving so badly is finished and feel my happiness!

Also the little scarf I did last week:
Feeling so happy in fact that I stole the percentage bars from Glenna and did some blog editing too. (Whew learning about blogging makes knitting seem easy.)

Lesson learned - some days things go badly, some days they go better - in knitting as in life!

Doesn't mean I've finished all my Christmas knitting for 2006 by 7 January 2007 though does it? Maybe the bars will spur me on and stop me casting on for a tank top for myself....


artyfartykat said…
Things are going good!
Is it the Twilleys Freedom Spirit tank top that you are preparing to cast on? I've got the pattern, but not the time to start it!
Sarah said…
The scarf looks great. I know what you mean about setting your blog up, it takes so long to get it all sorted and get to grips with html.
Glenna C said…
That's one fine lookin' sock! I'm sure the pair will be appreciated.

And the percentage bars are great - they always guilt me into knitting more if I've been neglecting a project for too long ;)
I? said…
I like the look of this sock! And the scarf looks like a lot of fun, both - to knit and to wear. Percentage bars are such a good idea! I have to sort this out for Stitchville too :) I used to be very "one at the time" kind of knitter. Gone are the days...
Sarah said…
Thank you all for your lovely, encouraging comments.

Seems that the percentage bars just encouraged me to cast on another project - not sure that was supposed to happen! Still it's not the tank top (can't decide between the drop stitch tank from Stich n Bitch Nation or Shapely Tank Top by Joan McGowan-Michael which is free on the web. Must finish some things first though whichever.

Good work on getting two blogs Kendra - careful or you won't have any time for knitting and reading!
Marianne said…
Oh but that mansock looks grand! Now on to the second one,eh?
The scarf looks so happy.
Thanks for stopping by!
I hear you about the 'learning' for the blog.....knitting is so much easier.
Charity said…
Good job on the finished sock! :0)

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