Plus One

I forgot one of my knitting Christmas presents! Shame on me as I was super excited when I opened it as it's the Knitting Pattern a Day calendar I was busy ogling pre-Christmas.

Two days in and I already want to make both patterns, the angora scarf from yesterday is also making me want to buy that exact yarn - I can see this will keep me busy and poor!

The crafting party was great yesterday did some sketching and paper making as well as knitting, hence no finished scarf to show today despite it only being ten stitiches wide! Hoping to finish it off tonight during This Life, very excited about this one off return to one of my favourite all time shows, almost makes up for it being first day back at work!


Sarah said…
My Mum bought me the same calendar for Christmas. The scarf is really nice, I was wondering whether it might work in Rowan Tapestry instead?
Sarah said…
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acrylik said…
Sounds like your crafting get together was excellent, what a great idea!
artyfartykat said…
Pleased you enjoyed your crafting party. I think its a brill idea!
Sarah said…
Oooo I hadn't seen Rowan Tapestry before - had a look at their website and am now in love with the Moorland shade, it's so beautiful.

The crafting was lovely and I'm thinking I'll have to host one myself, would be a good excuse to have a go at dyeing yarn I think.
Charity said…
Ooooh, I was given the same calendar for Christmas, and I love it! :0)

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