The Week in Knitting

Well it's certainly been an interesting week. No bath, shower or cooker - ah the joys of DIY and the foolishness of doing your kitchen and bathroom at the same time! Still thankfully through it all there is knitting to keep me sane.

The last very overdue part of the Christmas presents is getting there and should be finished by the end of the weekend (I hope). This is great wool but two pairs of plain socks in the same yarn has tested my short attention span somewhat. A bit of Water Aid square and the fun of creating a glove have helped to keep things moving along.

An exciting parcel from Hong Kong arrived on Tuesday with 12 lovely sets of bamboo DPNs, sizes from 2mm to 8mm making socks in varying weights of yarns now possible. This were just the best bargain ever - £10 for the whole lot, hurrah and thank you Joyce :0) Dreaming of some cosy bright knee highs and have got some fabulous looking sock yarn on its way from HipKnits which I am VERY excited about and which I think I'm going to try and knit toe up. I think sales are about the best thing January has going for it.

In other knitting news I'm actually all caught up with Cast On, I wasn't sure I'd ever catch up but with poor Brenda being ill I'm suddenly there and all ready to go with the new one which arrived today - what fabulous timing! Have also found a couple of other podcasts to try out now I have some more free ear time - Pixie Purls and Pointy Sticks - so glad there are so many out there to keep knitting to.


Marianne said…
I just can't imagine even thinking about the kitchen AND the bathroom being out of function.
That's a really nice glove! I so know what you mean about the socks.....
Alice said…
I'll be keeping an eye out for which sock pattern you use, as I want to do some knee-highs myself.

I still haven't knitted gloves - yours do look nice.
acrylik said…
Oh my goodness - kitchen and bathroom out - I hope it all gets finished very soon!

Love all your current knits, especially the glove, it looks lovely. What yarn is that in?
Kelly said…
Ack! I had my kitchen out of service last week for a couple of days, and we had a contractor. That was inconvenient enough! Poor you.

And look at you and your gloves! Way to Go, Sarah. I love the colour of the pink yarn.
artyfartykat said…
You are fond of a treat doing kitchen AND bathroom at the same time! Hope they get finished soon!
The glove looks great, love the yarn.
Charity said…
Oh, groan, you should have heard me complain when I had no kitchen/dining room floor! I can not imagine how you can do it. :0)

Love the idea of some knee socks! :0)
Sarah said…
Good luck with your Kitchen and bathroom. I hadn't realised there was a new Cast-On out. I'll be able to listen to it on my Monday commute. I love the colour of your gloves.
Fab gloves. Nice to see someone else doing Water Aid squares. I've done three up to now. The yarn you've used looks very "watery" Good look with the kitchen/bathroom!
Silvia said…
Thank you for visiting my Blog and your kind comments.
You are a brave person having Kitchen and bath out at the same time. Hope it all gets sorted for you soon.
I love your Gloves they'll come in handy...pardon the pun!!

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