Today or Someday

Today I finished two projects - hurrah! One is slightly more successful than the other I have to say. Luckily it is the gift that has triumphed.

Here are Dad's Christmas socks finally finished. I'm pleased with how these turned out, I'm getting better at this basic pattern and can even even see the difference in speed and confidence between the first and second of this pair.

The wool is part of a batch of old Patons Purple Heather I got from ebay and it is just perfect for socks, feels like it should be hard wearing, not the cosiest socks but good for some tough love which I know my Dad will give them. I think I used about 3 balls - about 60 grams for the pair.

I put a double line of reverse stocking stitch in at the top to distinguish these from the other Christmas socks for my friend in the same yarn and I like how this looks.

I am really enjoying sock knitting and think they will become a particular passion of mine; can't wait to try some toe-ups and something with a pattern. Maybe not both at once...

It's been a lovely knitting weekend all round (in between some DIY - I see how dusty the house has become from the photos, not sure I should have put my new items on the floor!) I really enjoyed episode 10 of the BritKnitCast podcast which helped me along through the end of the socks.

The second slightly less succesful FO is the hat that was looping the loop - called Peacock originally after the yarn (Sirdar Flash Peacock) but I prefer River and as I'm going to knit a Water Aid river square from it I think it should be called River. The hat is lovely, soft and snuggly, I like how the rolled brim looks but yes it is tiny! It doesn't really fit me let alone my 1TB who can just squeeze it on:
I thought it was small and not very deeep as I was going along but was too trusting that it would stretch out at the end. The magic looping was okay and I got along quite quickly once I was used to it but I think it is a bit of a faff. It's useful to have the option, especially while I'm building up my set of needles but I can't see it ousting dpns for me either Alice, Marianne and Carrie Anne.

I'm glad I tried this pattern out before using my more precious Sumo yarn for the real version for the 1TB. I'm tempted to have another practice with the Sirdar Flash to try and get a better sizing as it will make a lovely hat, maybe I'll go for a top down pattern which I could then add to as required.

I'm at a stage where it's hard to know whether to push on and go for difficult projects with the 'best' yarn or to try and consolidate a bit. I'm leaning towards the consolidation at the moment as I like to do things as well as possible!

I read a post from Lolly on Friday which made me think a bit more about the today or someday question. It encouraged me to list out some projects in two categories - ones to tackle in the near future, and a list to tackle someday. I see so much at the moment that I would love to try but feel that I would benefit from some patience and a bit more learning before I jump in thumbs first. I'm glad to have them here on my blog though to encourage me on.


Alice said…
Maybe your hat would stretch a bit with some real tough-love blocking!

I used to hold back a bit on attempting stuff that looked as though it might take a bit more skill than I possessed. Then I thought - what the hell, I can start again if I don't like it. All knitting is good knitting - as it were. It took me a while but I realised you learn a lot from what you do wrong/badly. Wish I'd learnt that years ago. Then I wouldn't have given up on certain things so early on (not-knitting) being so afraid of what I saw as failure.
Sarah said…
Thank you for this, I shall try and be brave and grasp the beard (as Kendra would say) of everything I fancy, at least yarn is forgiving and can be ripped out!

I think I'll change my someday list to someday soon :)
acrylik said…
Alice is right - if something goes wrong, then the worst that can happen is that you have to rip it all out and start again, and then you will have learnt something along the way, so it won't be time wasted.

Love your FOs - I think your dad will be really proud of those hand knit socks!
Marianne said…
You Dad is a very loved dad, he's going to love his new socks, I like the way that stitching at the top under the ribbing looks also. Very nice!
I find that if a read a pattern through (especially on sweaters) so I'll know when there's going to be that "and at the same time" where you're shaping on both ends,etc. and then just take it a step at a time, it's much easier to be Dauntless which is what it takes.
Kelly said…
Way to go, Sarah! Your socks are looking mighty fine. I think you're already a pretty fearless knitter. You're already doing things that it took me years to figure out.
Sarah said…
The socks are lovely- your stitches are so neat and even. I'm with Alice too. No knitting is that hard that you should put off trying it. I'm amazed at your progress so far - I'm sure you can knit whatever you like! Besides there'll always of people online who'll help you out.
Sarah said…
Yey knitters of blogland, with your support I shall climb the mighty mountain of knitting knowledge! Thanks y'all :)
Charity said…
It's always nice to have a finished object - two is even better! Nice socks - I like the band of reverse stocking stitch at the top. :0)
artyfartykat said…
Blogger is finally letting me leave a comment, hurrah!!
I know where you come from re trying new and 'dangerous' stuff!
But I recently have decided to just go for it. The worst that can happen is we have to pull it out, only our time is lost, but we will have learnt something from the experience! Very philosophical!!
To get to the important bits, your FOs look fab!!
Dana Marie said…
Horray for 2 FO's! Isn't that the greatest feeling? Good idea about listing near future projects and someday projects.

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