When life gives you lemons make granola

Snoozing Siamese
Today is not my favourite. I should be down in Cornwall making happy papier mess with my Ma. A sick cat and boyfriend has postponed our trip and so I find myself unexpectedly here, trying not to be too noisy or disruptive, trying to be a patient carer. So rather than moulder around, staring at the rain, feeling sorry for myself I cleaned the kitchen, went food shopping for tempting treats and made some awesome gingerbread granola.

Homemade granola strangely fills me with pride. It always seemed to me to be something that only came from the shops in posh packaging or that might be tricky to make and in fact it's so easy and yet... Homemade granola. Take yourself 100 bonus domestic goddess points! Having polished up my pedestal of domestic glory I took beautiful pictures of said granola and yet the observant ones among you will notice that the photo looks quite a lot like a picture of two snoozing cats. That's because it is. It's a photo from a few days ago though switch the pose just slightly and the same photo could be taken again today. If my blessed camera card was working.

Just one of those days my friends. When life gives you one of those days stop trying this that and the other - just get to the sofa with the snoozers and knit. Au revoir.


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